Shore Power in the Calandkanaal in Rotterdam has the potential to drastically reduce local emissions and noise


This website is dedicated to enable sustainable shore power in the Calandkanaal, powered by Heerema, Eneco and Port of Rotterdam. The feasibility report has recently been made available for public use and can be accessed by clicking here.


Why do we want this?

The energy transition is accelerating. Society is changing. The Port of Rotterdam has the ambition to become the most sustainable port in the world and 100% carbon neutral. The marine industry has the same ambitions. Let's make this work. 

How do we achieve it?

We plan to build 20 Megawatts worth of electrical infrastructure that powers HMC's fleet when in port by 100% green energy. It is envisioned all vessels from HMC - the Sleipnir, Thialf and Aegir - can be fully electrically operated in the future. 

How can I help?

 We are mainly looking for other marine players who are interested in converting their vessels too. But we can also use help with subsidies and developing the electrical infrastructure. Contact us to see how you can achieve your ambitions.